The trials of a trailer…

You know when you are told something by your partner, and want nothing more than to be supportive and so you go along with it not ever expecting it to get anywhere… yes?… well that recently happened to me and two short months later I am in Zurich.

I guess I should elaborate a little…a job search, a great offer, a few interviews, a visit to Zurich to meet the new boss, packing up a house to rent out, getting it shipped (although not arrived yet, a challenge we will come to), quitting my job and saying goodbye to all my friends went by in the blink of an eye this summer and I now sit on a very sunny balcony in Seefeld, Zurich, wondering what to do with myself next.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting my husband, it is his time to shine having been in a job that, whilst he liked, he did not LOVE. I have always had jobs I loved, so it was time for a ‘luck transfer’ within our relationship. He had also been looking for a new job for a while and not had much luck (luck again, we underestimate how important it is in our journeys!), whereas I have only every applied for the jobs I ended up getting – although now 2 weeks later my perfect 4-0 record stands in tatters!.

Its funny as well because I had been all for a move, I wanted to go somewhere French speaking so I could practice the language (which I have some knowledge of already) and generally figure out how to be stylishly bilingual. My husband had other plans however, and we have ended up in the German speaking part of Switzerland, nay, the Swiss-German speaking part (which i’m told is even harder to learn and understand) where my chat and witty reparté, which until now had held me in very good stead, is a little less of a golden asset!

So, what to do? Only one option really isn’t there…. GET ON WITH IT!. Yes, I know about 4 words of german and one of those is Hallo!, yes I haven’t even managed the simple task of getting my groceries delivered at a time I can receive them (although that is more Migros’ fault than mine!), and yes, I keep drawing a tut from those swiss lips every time I walk across the road without waiting for the little amplemann, HOWEVER I do know how lucky I am, to get to start over in a city as beautiful as Zurich.

Zurich has everything you could want; the lake and the limmat where you can swim even now in September, vibrant culture, amazing food and stunning art. Perhaps most exciting of all for me with by business hat on,  Zurich it seems is just bursting with entrepreneurs, which gives it a really special vibe and does make me feel a little like I’m still in Edinburgh (*sigh).

So now that I have given myself a good talking to, I’ll go and take my own advice…

Ciao, Bis Bald!


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