Introducing the Knowledge Zig-Zag

Why read me? Well, why not?

Until recently the word blog just sort of flitted around in my head, as something other people with real things to say used to say real things. That’s not me, I thought!

Then I realised something, I was coming back from conferences or meetings or events, or from having finished a book, or an article or anything and realising that although I was sharing this new information, these nuggets, this new knowledge, with peers and friends, it was not satisfying me enough.

I was literally bursting at the seams with intellectual curiosity and finding I was overloading the few people in my immediate circle who, our of deference to our friendship or my obvious enthusiasm were indulging me, listening politely and going on about their days.

And why not, that is their prerogative for sure. But that got me thinking, perhaps I should find a place brain dump all the interesting information (subjective I know!) I gather out and about so that perhaps one new person can read and share in it with me, or tell me I’m wrong, or add some of their own knowledge to the mix.

Who knows. I suspect I am being overambitious but I am hopeful this will be an enjoyable experience so if nothing else this is a record of what I am seeing, reading, listening to and watching, that I can reflect on at a later date. That is why I called it the knowledge zig zag – a collection of confessions of a serial connector with a serious case of intellectual curiosity.

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